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backstage at Helmut Lang FW 2002 shot by Juergen Teller in Arena Homme + Winter 2008

U + I

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Ola Rudnicka @ Model Plus
photographed by Ania Rosinska-Luczak

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I’m going to be posting pictures from my NYC trip throughout the next couple of days.. Sorry for the overload :) This was the view from our hotel in Murray Hill. More to see on my Instagramhttp://instagram.com/libbykng

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High Fashion

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Xiao Wen Ju in “Can You Feel My Love Buzz?” for i-D Magazine, Fall 2014

Photographed by: Angelo Pennetta

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indie-ollie asked: Hey

Whoa do i know you ?¿ heheh

Tell me about your day, who made you laugh, who laughed at your joke, what made you laugh the most that it made your stomach feel tight and your nose crinkle. What did you eat for lunch and did you enjoy it. What upset you, made you hurt, feel sad. What made you happy, so happy that you smile so big you have to look away because you feel like an idiot from stretching the muscles in your face so much to your perfect smile. Tell me what made your heart stop, and what made it beat again. Who you talked to, and who you can’t stand. Don’t tell me the bullshit, “I had a good day”, I asked how your day went, not a statement of an adjective conjoined with part of the question.


Magdalena / Gucci Backstage fall 2010

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Anonymous asked: Can you post a close-up of the moon choker that you got from the nomadic store please. I'm deciding whether I should buy one or not I just need to see a close-up of it thank you! 😊😊❤️

Sorry for the late response & the poor quality.. Anyways I love this chocker along with the other purchases I made from Nomadic Store — I would definitely recommend their stuff! xx

Anonymous asked: daily hair & makeup routine?

Nothing special really! For hair, I shower in the mornings before school, just blow dry it & call it good.. For makeup, I use mainly Bobbi Brown products. I use the “Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick” and the “Tinted Eye Brightener” then I usually add a little dark purple eye liner to my tight-line and some mascara! I like to keep things simple :)x

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